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At LandAir, our 0.5% freight claims ratio is one of the lowest in the industry. Here are some tips for claim reduction:

  • Avoid re-using boxes that are old, thin, or exposed to moisture
  • Sensitive cargo should be protected with plenty of padding
  • Every carton should be labeled with "To" and "From" info (even on a pallet)
  • Labels need legibility. Make them easy to read!
  • If you’re re-using containers, make sure prior labels are removed or completely covered

To expedite your claim, please forward a copy of the original invoice and all additional supporting documentation to LandAir:


or MAIL to: 
Claims Department
P.O. Box 503
Williston, VT 05495

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Please enter a detailed statement showing how amount claimed is determined. (Number and description of articles, invoice price of articles, etc. All discount and allowances must be shown).