Heat Track

Extra protection against freezing - now available throughout our service area.

Ensuring your freezable freight arrives safe:

  • Heated Terminals
  • Warm Storage Space
  • Portable Heaters
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Tracking Technology

Smart solution...in just a single step!

Simply mark “HEAT TRACK” or “Protect from Freezing” on your Bill of Lading to guarantee your freezable freight.

Just $42 per shipment!

You’ll get:

  • Guaranteed protection on your freezable freight. The LandAir HEAT TRACK service covers a variety of freezable products with the exception of those that freeze at temperatures greater than 32 degrees.
  • Priority attention in the LandAir system. Our technology will identify HEAT TRACK shipments at the point of pick-up through delivery.
  • Peace of mind that all of your freezable shipments will arrive safe and warm.

Contact your local LandAir sales representative today. 

* Please note that LandAir reserves the right to cancel service standards in the event of extremely cold weather. Freight will be protected in warm storage areas at terminal locations. In the event a HEAT TRACK shipment freezes LandAir will be liable up to $5.00 per pound for the damaged portion of the shipment.